Email Behavior May Be Surprising

A recent Hubspot study, in conjunction with MailChimp, revealed some surprising facts about consumer email behavior. For those of us keeping an eye on consumer behavior, email strategy is important in the overall communications mix. An understanding of evolving consumer can mean the difference between a discouraged and disengaged client and a successful client. Here are some of the more interesting points:

  • Do you use separate work and personal inboxes? Yes = 12%, 88% = No.
  • 80.8 % read email on mobile devices (make sure you optimize messaging for mobile devices.)
  • Email is perceived of as homework. Include information that people will want to refer back to.
  • Saturday and Sunday have the highest click through rates and lowest unsubscribe rates. Send early in the day, 7am.
  • The more links in an email (possibly the same destination over and over), the higher your click-through-rate. Also, the lower your unsubscribe rate.

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