Facebook Unveils Redesigned Newsfeed to Mixed Reviews

As Facebook continues to pursue new ways to change things up, it announced a few days ago that it is giving its news feed a makeover. “The news feed if one of the most important things we’ve built,” said Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckeberg at his latest press event. “The stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text.”

He went on to point out that how we share information is changing and that the new design will follow those changes with three major components: 1) bigger images, 2) multiple feeds and 3) mobile consistency.

Mobile has played a significant part in the upcoming changes since users are now accessing their accounts across multiple devices.

Those critical of the new changes have noted shades of Instagram and Google+ in the more visual look. Photos, which make up nearly 50% of news feed stories, are now much larger. The new design also gives users access to more types of feeds and more control over how they are displayed, and a chronological view is not available.

For companies that depend on Facebook for their brand communications, it is uncertain how the new feeds will affect promoted stories and content. Be sure that your communications pros have the tools needed to track response so that you can make adjustments as needed.

For more on the new changes, check out the Facebook press release.

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