iPad Off the Charts

If pre-order estimates are correct, Apple is set to sell 65.6 million iPads this year. “They raised their iPad unit estimate to 65.6 million from 55.9 million for 2012, and to 90.6 million from 79.7 million for 2013, saying rivals will likely struggle to introduce competitive products over the next couple quarters,” according to Reuters. I must admit, I’m not far away from ordering the newest version myself. The frenzy certainly hasn’t hurt their stock either. The new device is touted to offer optical resolution at 4x the number of pixels in the highest definition devices available. As Apple touts, it’s “resolutionary.” It also runs on 4G and LTE when you perchase that option, so data speed is worth the upgrade.

For those industry leaders who want to stay on top of how their brand is perceived, know what chatter is in the cloud, and know how their perceived position translates in the social world, a tablet device is a great alternative to carting other bulky devices through security and other means of travel. Arguably, Apple presents the highest “cool” factor and continues to deliver brand excitement and enticing options in the slickest format.

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