When Moving from SEO to SMI, Content is Key

Standing still in business is not an option, especially when it comes search engine rank. Google consistently updates its algorithm to be smarter and more effective when assigning value to a website. While you may not agree with its methodology, you need to understand it to maximize your efforts and get found by current and potential clients.

However, SEO as we knew it in past years has given way to what some are calling the New SEO. Today, search marketing integration (SMI) emphasizes the importance of content and integrating that content in many areas.

“Your ability to create compelling content will govern the success or failure of your SEO and social marketing automation campaigns,” says Brad Miller, Search Engine Watch. “Without it, everything comes to a stop.”

Publishing content on a frequent basis to boost your ranking can lead to the temptation to use agencies that will quickly create mediocre or poor content, which will serve only to get you the opposite result. When you make the commitment to develop relevant content that matters to your current and potential clients, seek a firm that has a proven reputation and can help you maximize your investment, enhance your brand, and elevate your thought leaders.

“Press releases, interviews, and relationships with magazines are a big part of SMI. As more companies wake up to the integrated nature of the new SEO and recognize the link-building potential of traditional PR opportunities, their value will only increase,” says Miller.

Liquid Line partners can work with your company’s thought leaders to create rich content that will matter to your audience, and they can help you use it most effectively across multiple platforms, both print and digital. Contact us today to find out how Liquid Line can help your company excel in search marketing integration.

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