Content Really is King

Check out this article from Entrepreneur magazine. It emphasizes what we’ve been saying for some time—start with good (and we mean really good) content.

Twice as many B2B marketers now employ content marketing as they do print, TV and radio advertising, according to HiveFire’s B2B Marketing Trends Survey Report. So what exactly is content marketing? It’s the creation and publication of original content—including blog posts, case studies, white papers, videos and photos—for the purpose of generating leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and putting the company’s subject matter expertise on display.

Is your company working with a content development agency that knows how to create concise content around your company’s expertise that brings definable results for your bottom line? Or, are you languishing in the old school PR company model where watered down, ineffective content is pushed out to every possible source with a result of very little excitement or lead generation? If you said that later, give us a call. We’ll create the kind of flow you’ve been searching for.

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