How To Post an Update on LinkedIn

So you want to post updates to your LinkedIn account, but learning how to do that seems like it would take too much time. You’re in luck. Here is a short and sweet guide that will have you sharing important content in just minutes.

Step 1: Log in to your LinkedIn account…that was easy.

Step 2: From “Home,” locate  “Share an update” just below your photo (or placeholder avatar).

li screen shot 1

 Step 3: Click on “Share an update.” A new box will appear below. This is where you will create or copy and paste your message.

li screen shot 2

If you have pre-prepared text and a link, cut and paste it in this screen shot 3

Step 4: The box below the image will say, ” Share with:” This is the audience that will see the update once you click on the blue “Share” button.

Your options include:

  1. Public = Everyone on LinkedIn, including your extended network.
  2. Just Your Connections = Only your 1st degree connections.
  3. Public + Twitter = Everyone and your connected Twitter network (if you have connected LinkedIn and your Twitter accounts).

li screen shot 4

Step 5: Once you click “Share,” all the people that you are connected to will see the post on their home feed.

li screen shot 5


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