Bevrlee J. Lips

Founder of Liquid Line, Inc. Bevrlee has over 20 years of experience in marketing communications, public relations and design for enterprise, association and small business. Her industry specialties include insurance, technology, associations, and the political arena. Her unique ability to bring creativity and marketing savvy to each organization has earned her respect and awards in both profit and non-profit arenas. Content is king today, and Bevrlee knows how to craft a message specific to each client’s need. She always keeps technology top of mind and seeks to use every option available to her client’s best advantage.

Bevrlee possesses a unique ability to create strategy from a high-level viewpoint and drill down into the details. She began her career as a projection analyst for a Fortune 500 company. From there she added design to her repertoire, which gives her a distinct advantage in brand development. With command over right and left-brain thought, her brand strategies have accurately positioned her clients and brought them to the top of their game in their respective niches time and again.

Bevrlee studied marketing at Kings College in New York and is an inbound marketing certified professional. In her off time, she enjoys great music, excellent food, hanging out with friends and family, and pretty much anything outdoors.

Bevrlee J. Lips is on LinkedIn.